"Final Greetings has a sound that I think the church should be playing! Their music is Soulful, Melodic, Grungy and Rocking."


Steven Kinsley, 

Virgil's Sound Den

Final Greetings is an international rock band that was formed in 2018 out of two other bands that had toured for over 13 years. The team's mission is to "Equip the Found and Find the Lost."

Final Greetings has two sides; worship and rock and roll. On Sundays, Final Greetings will provide service through worship music in churches of all denominations, and on weekdays they use original rock music and testimonies to evangelize to people needing the hope and grace found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


There are five members:

Alissa Larsen (Keys, Vocals)

James Payne (Bass/Acoustic Guitar, Vocals) 

Sam Carson (Electric Guitar)

Kyle Tanuma (Electric Guitar)

Garrett Larsen (Drums)

Who is Final Greetings?