Deep in Our Blood
Break Down

Our Lyrics

Deep in Our Blood

Verse 1:


They tell me not to listen

They tell me not to go that way

Still I can’t help but listen

Cuz I know I was made that way




I don’t know which way to go

Tryin’ not to let it show

I can’t seem to run away

Feel it taking over me




Feel it building in you

Feel the pounding deep in your soul

Let it take over you

There is music deep in our blood


Verse 2:


You know you can’t escape it

Can’t seem to push your passion down

So give in to the feelin’

And we can give you freedom now


Verse 1:


I’m stuck inside this mess

Can’t remember who I am

There’s nowhere I can turn

‘Cuz I’m ruled by all my hurt 




Can you be my escape

Run with me

And lead me on

Can you be my retake

Leave the past

Behind me now


Chorus 1:


I need a chance to start over 

I need to feel alive again

I’m a prisoner of my past

I’m sick of who I’ve been


Verse 2:


Can you rewind the clock

Give back the time that I have lost

I need to know I’m loved

So I’m calling out because




I want to make a change

Move on to brighter days

Will you help me say


Chorus 2:


I’ve got a chance to start over

I finally feel alive again

I’ve been a prisoner of my past

But you’re where I begin

Yes, You’re where I begin

It’s time to start again

God you’re where I begin

Break Down

Verse 1:


Nothing’s the way it was before

It’s all changed

Where did ev’rything go so wrong

So alone, so afraid

Lost in the struggle of it all

Pleasure and pain

You try and force me your own way




But I won’t break down

I won’t give in

Stand my ground

Face my panic

I can’t let you go

But I can’t let you stay

I won’t break down

Won’t give in


Verse 2:


Starting out was so easy

I seemed so strong

Then when I started looking back

It felt so wrong

I wanted to fall back into you

Feel your embrace

I wish it wasn’t all this way




You should just come home

I won’t break down

Don’t you feel alone

I won’t break down

I promise things will change

I will stand my ground

You won’t escape

I will stand my ground


Verse 1:


Say what you want, yeah

Say everything you mean to me

Lost and tired I know

I’m more than just alone

Of course I know I’m miles away from home




I know what you’re saying is true, yeah




It’s more than just what you know

You’ve got to let go of control

Your life is barely operational

You’ve got to let go of control


Verse 2:


It’s easier to disguise living with the lies

Than be seen in the light

I know what you’re saying is true

But I’m not listening, no no,

I’m not hearing you