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The Mayhem of March

This past month has been a whirlwind of unexpected things, as you are all probably aware. The month started off with chatter of a virus, then a couple weeks later it exploded and everyone's been asked to stay home. Even amidst the mayhem that's been going on, Final Greetings has still had some adventures with old and new friends.

We began the month of march by traveling to Irrigon, OR to visit Irrigon Family Worship Center. They we led a church night where we played a crazy game, shared stories and led them in a time of worship. We also shared one of our rock songs with them and invited them to another event we'd be having a few days later. They housed us at the church's missionary house and fed us some great biscuits and gravy, teriyaki chicken and rootbeer floats. They were a huge blessing, and we look forward to visiting them again! Sadly we had a technical malfunction and have no photos, but we remember our time there fondly.

Next we traveled just east to visit one of our favorite places: Hermiston, OR. We teamed up with Hermiston Nazarene for their 70th Anniversary weekend celebration. Friday night we held a rock concert where we jumped off our travel cases and turned it up as loud as we could for people from over three different churches, and playing games like tightrope and ninja with the youth. The next morning we joined them for their 5/10k diaper dash fundraiser to help gather diapers that they can give to the community.

That evening we were able to join them as they visited two of their old church locations and shared stories. We got to hear about their times in the upstairs above a saloon and how they built a church and held "Rock and Roll" ladies' events where they ate cinnamon rolls and sat in rocking chairs. Tyler helped the worship pastor lead everyone in a couple songs of worship that evening as well.

The next morning we led worship for the congregation and heard from the new Nazarene Superintendent for their zone, and joined them for a pasta lunch. In the afternoon we drove to a mall in Washington with our friend Gabrielle, and we also spent time with the youth group again that evening.

We stayed a couple more days and visited Hermiston Christian Center again to lead a short assembly for the students at the school. That evening we joined our friends the Ottmars and several of their youth students for pizza, cookies, candy, TikTok dances and 9-square. It was a great weekend.

Next we traveled north to visit Calvary Ellensburg. We joined them for a worship and testimony night where we shared our originals and some worship music to encourage the people who joined us. We hung out with the young adult Ecclesia group on Friday evening, and the next day joined our friends Michael, Easton, Phil and others for video games and food. Sunday morning we led worship for the church, and then got to work on Monday helping finish fill the parking lot dividers with soil and gravel so they can put plants in. We love serving our Calvary Ellensburg family, and they treated us so well.

Also our friend Annecy wanted to style Kyle and James' hair, and we thought you would enjoy seeing the results.

When we were in Ellensburg, things began to drastically change due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we had to change our schedule. It meant saying no to some amazing events for the safety of everyone and to follow the actions that have been asked by our government to keep everyone healthy.

Because of this, our team has stopped touring for the time being. Many of us have returned to our homes and are finding work to help support our families and the band. We love what we do and it's hard to put it on pause, but we look forward to joining back up and starting to tour again towards the end of May.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers, and we hope to visit the places we had to cancel sometime soon. Continue to keep us in your prayers, and we look forward to letting you know what all of us have been up to in our next band blog.

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