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Sabbatical in December

It is almost time for tour to start again! But before we begin our adventures we wanted to share about this last month.December has continued our time apart from each other, spending time with family, working and resting before we gear up for tour at the beginning of the year. These are some of the adventures we have all been a part of this last month. #winterbreak

"I spent the holidays in Portland with my family, My younger sister came out from college and my older sister and her husband and kids came out from Arizona. We had a very full house that was pretty hectic, but it was fun to have kids around for Christmas. My nephew Jack is 3 now so I think this was the 1st Christmas he understood what was going on so that made it extra fun. I got him and his little brother Rory a 40 foot hot wheels track so we spent Christmas sending hot wheels down the stairs and around the house. The day after Christmas I loaded up the van and trailer and drove down to eureka for our 1st winter camp of the season. It was a fun camp but it was very cold so we spent most of our time in doors playing board games and card game with the students! I then spent New Years down in Eureka with one of the youth groups that was at the camp. After that I came back up to Portland to pick up the rest of the band to start off the new year. " #crazychristmas #coldweather

"I spent Christmas with my family in Eureka. Shortly after, Sam and I led a small crew to lead worship at a winter retreat near Eureka. The retreat consisted of a bunch of different youth groups with the aim to unite believers and churches. It was an awesome time, and I really felt encouraged to see something like this from my hometown." #worshipleaders #encouraged

James has been spending his time in Colorado working over the holidays at Walmart and service at his home church, Whitefields, with his dad on worship team. He also joined the Christmas choir for their Christmas Eve service. He is very excited about his new acoustic guitar he got for Christmas, and he was able to share at the church about the team's Europe trip and fundraise for our next tour. #busyguy #newguitarwhodis

"We celebrated our first anniversary together this month on December 1st! We traveled to Utah to spend time with Garrett's parents and the Lafferty family, our sister and brother-in-law and our niece and nephew. We visited Salt Lake City to see the Christmas lights and spent the cold evenings cuddling with our dog Asha and playing crazy games. We were able to visit several friends and supporters, share about our time on tour this year, and lead worship at two of Crossroads' campuses. We also had our friends Jamison and Shannon come visit us from Folsom, and we explored Evermore Park and celebrated New Years Eve with them!" #famandfriends #inthestocks

We are looking forward to joining back up again soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages! It is going to be a busy year, and we can't wait to see what God is going to do. #anticipation

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