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The Snow-pocalypse of February

February was an odd month for Final Greetings. We had plans, but we found ourselves struggling against the weather. Kyle was returning with our new van and sound system from California and we were waiting to see if we would be playing at the Bridge again. Storms were forecasted, and the whole state of Oregon went crazy and started to shut down. Snow was coming.

And then the next morning arrived.

The snow was very underwhelming where we were staying. #missedsnowpocalypse

Up north it was snowing and creating traffic problems, but down south there was not much. For a week it would snow at night, and it would either be too warm at night to stick or it would melt by lunchtime. Kyle made it back safely to us but the Bridge cancelled because there was too much ice in their area.

And so began the month of February.

Final Greetings spent various times throughout this past month working on our EP. We've continued to add new elements to each song, and we're getting closer every day. Keep checking our social media sights for more information on how recording is going and for release updated. #writingmusic

Our first event of the month was visiting Northwest Gospel's youth group, Citizens, up in Vancouver, WA to lead worship and get the kids excited for camp that weekend. The band was able to connect with Sam, the youth pastor, and some of the other youth leadership team that would be there at camp as well. The guys played 9-square with the kids before service. We were also excited to have Andy join us again! #funandgames

That weekend we went with the Citizens youth group to Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, OR for their 2019 Winter Camp. We spent time with the kids while playing carpetball, foursquare, ping pong, making friendship bracelets and rollerblading. It was a really cool experience to see the kids grow more comfortable with us every night during worship as they began to raise their hands, sing louder and really connect with God through music. #wintercamp

While at camp we teamed up with Ed and Andy to record a few podcasts for a new weekly show called Morning that will air on Facebook every Sunday and then be posted to the A Jesus Mission Youtube page later in the week. Click the image to be taken to open a new tab to the AJM Youtube page and stay tuned for upcoming podcasts with our team members. #podcasts

We also visited Rivers of Peace church in Hillsboro, OR for a Sunday morning service. It was an amazing time of leading worship and getting to know some of the people who attend the church. They also invited us to stay afterwards for a brunch fundraiser for their youth missions trip. We bonded with people over chocolate chip pancakes, toast and hash brown casserole. #brunch

One of our favorite parts of the month was teaming up with Andy to help us plan our Europe tour for later this year! We are so excited to be heading to other countries and use our rock music to reach people for Christ. Keep your eye on our Youtube channel for a video later this month about our plans and fundraising for our Europe tour. #internationaltravels

Visit again next month to continue hearing about our adventures!

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